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Cornelius Parkin  //



Mooresville, NC


Years Lifting


Years Coaching


On/Off Season Weight

215lbs / 240lbs


5' 8"

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Cornelius Parkin is co-owner of DECON Nutrition and Training where he specializes in personalized and supportive online coaching. Weight training and coaching have been an integral part of his life for 20+ years. At the beginning of his career he earned several powerlifting titles in the teenage divisions at the Worlds and European Championships and broke several world records. He eventually shifted his personal focus to primarily bodybuilding and has achieved several NPC (and smaller federation) titles across multiple weight classes and at numerous shows as well as overall winner titles in men’s bodybuilding.

Cornelius is currently located in the United States but has a rich and diverse background in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe with clients all over the world. He utilizes his degree in psychology extensively in his coaching. He guides clients to become their best through in-depth, personalized training and nutrition plans with an emphasis on the mental support needed to make dramatic physical and psychological changes. Cornelius works with clients from a broad spectrum of backgrounds with varying goals including fat loss and/or muscle gain transformations, show preps and strength sport competitions. He has successfully coached many of his clients to achieve NPC Professional statuses and life changing weight loss transformations among other important personal goals. Guiding others to reach their physical (and often psychological) aspirations while maintaining optimal health is the job he loves! This drives him to give his all through exceptional plans, current and relevant research application, personal advice, injury prevention techniques and endless support!

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