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Working with DECON has been an amazing experience. It truly makes a difference when you have coaches who put health first and are there for you every step of the way. It is important to trust the process and I felt comfortable during my whole entire prep with Cornelius knowing that I was in good hands as long as I put the work in each and every day! DECON truly embodies commitment, discipline, and dedication and I would not have made it this far without them!

Tim Caldwell

Kevin and Cornelius are a great one-two combo for diet and training expertise. During my training for Wheelchair Nationals, Cornelius pushed me through intense training sessions while Kevin kept a close eye on my physique and kept the diet dialed in. The end result was the best physique I've ever brought to the stage.

Dee Jackson

I was scared. I had never prepped like this before. But I decided to take a chance and trust the entire process. After all, it’s been 2 years and my way didn’t work out so well. Kevin and DECON had a good reputation, and his competitors conditioning was proof he could get the job done. Now I know it wasn’t by chance that I hired Kevin to get me ready for the Kentucky Muscle. It was a very good decision. I looked my absolute best 3 weeks out. That was enough. Winning my first IFBB Pro competition 3 weeks later was a bonus. Thank you Kevin!

Kyle Puckett

Here’s 3 years of commitment, discipline, and dedication coached by Cornelius and Kevin. I wouldn’t have been able to get this far without them. They’ve been here every step of the way, from my teens until now. They’re not just my coaches but my family!

Felisha Livezey

​Every show I bring a better and better package! My diet and training is always changing to match the changes in my body. Decon is amazing at figuring out what stage my physique is in and customizing a diet and training package specifically for me! I trust NO one else with my physique other than Kevin Dehaven and Cornelius Parkin!

Whitney Reid

I have worked with Kevin for every cover shoot/photoshoot over the past 4 years.  Without a doubt he has helped me achieve my best possible conditioning while keeping my size and fullness. 

If you are looking for a Coach that will pay attention to detail and has practical knowledge of training and dieting, KD is your guy.

Brittany Howard

Working with Kevin and Cornelius changed the game for me. There’s no cookie cutter diets, no one size fits all programming. The results speak for themselves. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my dream of becoming an IFBB Pro without the guidance of Kevin and Cornelius. And the best is yet to come.

Davide Mazzotta

HCharlotte cup 2015 at middleweight 175lbs.  To JrUsa 2016 at 186lbs.

Steve Thompson

KD prepped me for my first show back in 2003 & with his guidance I was able to land a class win and novice overall plus a top 5 in the open class. I have since hired him multiple times with much success. I highly recommend DECON to anyone looking to get in the best condition of their lives.

Maria Vela

The day my life did a complete turnaround was the day that I decided that I would never settle for anything or anyone that I didn’t want, desire or deserve. So, within a blink of an eye, instead of going nowhere slowly, I was determined to live my dreams and change everything about the way I lived my life, immediately.  When I got pregnant with my son my weight skyrocketed up to 165 lbs. I had a really difficult time trying to get back in shape and all I wanted was to be again at my ideal weight 125lb!!! This was my chance to prove to myself that I can completely change my mindset and body in a short amount of time. Since my goal was to compete professionally and step on stage in 12 weeks. So, how I did it, with the help of my coach and mentor Kevin DeHaven. Since, then I have been consistent with my workouts, nutrition and proper mindset. The feeling that I have when I look in the mirror is PRICELESS!!! Thank you Kevin!!

~ Mariela Vela, NPC Figure Competitor

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