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Felicia Livezey
April Monroe
April Monroe
I have always been active from dancing professionally to volleyball to running half marathons but still battled that extra layer of fluff. I came to Kevin in hopes to build more size and continue my journey on the bodybuilding stage. Having the right diet plan and training allowed me to see my body change in ways I never thought it could. I am still on my journey to be the best I can be and will continue with the Kevin and the Decon coaches.
Brittny McIntyre
Brittany McIntyre
The only regret I have about working with Kevin and Cornelius is that I didn’t start working with them sooner. When I started with Decon, I was very disappointed in where I was after putting in a lot of work for 12 weeks for a competition. Even though I had a coach, I didn’t feel like I made any progress to be stage ready and ended up not even placing. Frustrated, I knew the Decon athletes were always on point so I reached out to Kevin and asked him to get me ready for the next show which was only 6 weeks away. This only gave him 5 full weeks to get me ready. For the first time ever, I stepped on stage with a physique I was proud of and ended up with an 8th place at the national level. He really showed how he knows the science behind both the training and nutrition of bodybuilding. Anytime I had a concern he met up with me right away to make necessary changes. They both put just as much emphasis on your training and nutrition whether you’re 6 weeks out from a competition or waiting to compete the following year. You tell them your goals and how far you want to go, and they’ll tell you the work that’s required. I’m excited for my future with team Decon and I’m eager to compete again under their direction.