Tony Butler

I can’t say enough positive things about working with Kevin DeHaven! In this industry many diet “gurus” hand out cookie cutter diet and cardio plans, they get you shredded but there is no personal attention to individual body type or shape. In this sport, one size doesn’t fit all, and Kevin’s training philosophy is a prime example of that. He gives you his undivided attention and intelligently writes a program based on your progress and goals. With him I’ve achieved the greatest results, I’ve looked the best on stage, and I felt informed the whole way through. If there are questions you have, he’s there in a minute to answer them. There isn’t a time he doesn’t keep up with your progress and give you advice and support throughout your training. If something isn’t working, he immediately switches your training or diet to ensure you continue gaining results in the right direction. By far, he has been the most dedicated and knowledgeable trainer I’ve ever worked with and would recommend him to anyone.~ Tony Butler

Kevin Dehaven
Kevin Dehaven


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