Cornelius Parkin

February 10, 2015


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Growing up I was always fascinated with being muscular and powerful. Once I realized that weight training was the way to achieve both of these I began training at home. By my late teens I had built my body and strength to a very high level. I was asked to join the Irish power-lifting team where with proper guidance my strength sky rocketed. I won every contest I ever entered, including the Overall World Teenage Title at age 19 followed by the European 198lb Class Title the next year. I broke numerous records; I always excelled in the dead-lift portion of the contests and set a world record at 19 years old and 198lbs with a 732lb lift. Age 21 I decided to head to America and attended Winthrop University where I graduated with a degree in psychology. The knowledge I gained with this degree has given me great insight into various personality types and my clients will often say that I know them better than they know themselves at times.

I began training for bodybuilding during my 4 years at Winthrop and competed successfully while completing my degree. I went skiing in Switzerland after graduation and changed my life forever. I ended up breaking my spine in 5 places and lost two disks. My back needed metal 
supports to be inserted into my spine and two extensive 4 hour operations to correct the damage. This did not, however, deter me; I was determined not to allow this injury to stop my training goals! From the moment I was able to walk again, I spent my time researching how to rehabilitate from this injury. I had no physical therapy of any kind, but with commitment, dedication and discipline I built my body back up. Today I am completely pain free and still capable of dead-lifting 700lb. After spending a year in Switzerland recovering, I moved to North Carolina where I bought a small hardcore gym that was at the time losing a lot of money. The gym was turned around and became a success again with the help of my wife and our total dedication to this goal. Today I spend my days training clients both in person and online while still successfully competing in bodybuilding. Although winning contests brings me enjoyment, nothing brings me as much satisfaction and joy as seeing a client fulfill their potential! Much like the satisfaction I get when I accomplish my own goals, I take pride in helping my clients mentally and physically improve and reach the goals they have set for themselves.

Cornelius Parkin
Cornelius Parkin


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